TimeStrike: Shadow of Fear


boss battle royale miniature wargame

for 2 to infinite players. Leave your world behind in this build and battle sci-fantasy adventure as you make your mark across a modular and destructible landscape.

The Boss Battle Royale

Players will command a squad of survivors with unique skills and strive to be the last alive against enemy players and an increasingly dangerous world boss.

Build the world

At the start of every TimeStrike game, players create the world in which they want to battle. This world is called the Void, and it can be constructed without limitations. Mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, deserts, and any biome type can be used to construct the world. Once the world is built, players place resources, roads, monsters, and to top it all off, the world boss.

Draft a team

Players take turns drafting a set of unique characters to create a team of survivors. Character miniatures have custom cards with stats, skills, artwork, and lore. Choose different characters that will perform different roles within the game like fighting over the boss, attacking the enemies back line, or even stocking up on goods like loot and fish.

Take your turn

Once teams have been selected and placed in the TimeStrike, players choose a character on each turn to play. The character can move through the TimeStrike and spend its energy performing actions. TimeStrike has more than just combat! Characters are able to climb the boss, tame monsters, mine materials, cast abilities, and more. You can even go fishing! Each character turn should be strategic to complete as many unique actions as possible.

The Void

This all takes place in the Void which is where universes have collided brining characters from ancient civilizations and distant futures together at the end of time. It is here that history ends, and your adventure begins. A malignant world boss has pulled you into the void, a graveyard of decaying universes, creating a rift in time.

At its core, TimeStrike is a game about the enduring, adaptable, and fierce nature of the human spirit. It’s a game about managing relationships, resources, and the environment itself to overcome adversity against all odds. At the end of time, you may be down, but you’re never out!

Unique Mechanics

Building and Destruction

Throughout TimeStrike various mechanics cause destruction or alterations to the physical layout of the Void. Characters have skills and actions that alter the map, such as picking up hexes when mining, building walls, and placing new hexes when laying out roads. The most destructive force in the void occurs when the boss moves! Players move the boss around the map, flattening the ground where it comes to rest, thereby destroying any elevation in the process.

Mountable Miniatures

Some of the larger miniatures in TimeStrike, such the boss and the Brute type Monsters, include mounting spaces for additional miniatures. Brutes are monsters that have a single mountable slot and can be tamed by Survivors. Combining the two characters is known as a behemoth, which opens up new dynamics! Additionally, the boss has multiple mountable slots, which can be climbed by multiple characters at once. Survivors can receive more rewards and protection while on its back. The player whose character has risen highest on the boss has control over its next turn.

Revenge System

During your adventures you might get knocked out of the game early but it doesn’t mean you stop playing! Defeated players will become Myths and take over the boss and all the monsters on the board. A Myth’s goal is to defeat any remaining players before all the monsters are defeated on the board!

Modular Scalability

TimeStrike has a base set of rules to allow for a curated experience but also was built in way to allow players customize it. Whether you want a bigger maps, higher player counts, a stronger boss, or quicker play times, alterations to the rules will change the game to your exact liking and allow you to get it on the table in more situations.


The first few universes to collide into the Void are the Fallen, the Meek, the SheKind, and the Lamplighters. The Shadow of Fear set comes with the Fallen and the Meek.


The Fallen arose from a Post-Apocalyptic Earth where demons reign freely and holy men and women of cloth are formidable warriors. Fear dominates this world.


The Meek emerged from an all-powerful queen's ambition, in a world where beasts evolve fast and mysterious creatures play host to great magical power. Mana dominates this world.

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